The Ana B’Koach



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  1. betina matonte says:

    hola soy uruguaya me encanta la kabala no entiendo el idioma me encantaria que me manden informacion en español gracias

  2. Daliah says:


    Whi is the Cheit ‘open’?

    G’d bless

    • Admin says:

      The Chei is constructed from Vav and Zayin, connected with a little ‘Chuppah’ on top.
      It represent Vav as Zeir Anpin and Zayiv, which is the seventh, Malchut that is a Vav with a crown.
      The crown is the ‘glory’ of the husband when the male and female connect together.
      The numerical value of both is 13. same as ‘One’ אחד and ‘Love’ ‘אהבה’
      The cheit can join with holiness with the ‘Chuppah’ above and express love or stay separated.

  3. Dobre Maria says:

    Shalom ve toda . AHAVA

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